How is it made?

Australian Made Roof Top Tents are hard to come by.

Here's how we manufacture our tents. (Part 4 of 5)

Are Hannibal Safari roof top tents made in Australia?

Yep, they sure are! Our canvas fold out tents are made to the highest specification. 

That’s why we get to proudly share this little logo.

How we make a HannibalRoof Top Tent Part 5 of 5

The tent is now complete and almost ready for fitment to a vehicle, or trailer, and then off to travel the vastness of this country or even start tackling overland trips in Australia and around the world.
But before it leaves on it's first adventure we will install the options that may have been ordered with the tent. Some of these options are installed when the tent is being made.

Lighting is our most popular optional upgrade. The wiring for the internal light in the tent is run through the internal frame. The LED light we fit under the baseboard near the ladder is brilliant. Its a slimline LED which illuminates the area under the tent perfectly.

Another item thats getting popular is our power supply. If required we can run a heavier gauge wire so that you can run a 12 volt electric blanket or Cpap machine. But the main reason for power in the tent is to charge phones & iPads!

hannibal tent light
hannibal roof top tent lighting
hannibal roof top tent power

If required we can run a heavier gauge wire so that you can run a 12 volt electric blanket or Cpap machine.

From time to time we have been asked to fit a grab handle near the doorway just for that little bit of stability as you go in and out of the tent.

One thing I missed earlier is our mattress option. I did mention that the foam we use is a Dunlop Foam. I find the standard foam to be excellent. However, if you prefer something a little firmer we do have a dual layer mattress. Its 50mm high density and 25mm of memory foam.

The photos below show some images of the travel both domestically and internationally from our wonderful customers. Emiel is the handsome guy on the 60 Series Landcruiser. He used to work with us. He with his then wife travelled from Brisbane to Perth then loaded his vehicle into a container and had it shipped to Holland. Over the next 12 months he drove back to Brisbane through so many countries.

I hope that you have found our 5 part series on how we manufacture our Hannibal Roof Top Tents here in Australia. We are aussie owned and proud of our company history. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

Happy travels,

Peter Spowart, Hannibal Safari Equipment

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