How is it made?

Australian Made Roof Top Tents are hard to come by.

Here's how we manufacture our tents. (Part 2 of 5)

Are Hannibal Safari roof top tents made in Australia?

Yep, they sure are! Our canvas fold out tents are made to the highest specification. 

That’s why we get to proudly share this little logo.

How we make a HannibalRoof Top Tent Part 2 of 5

The baseboards are built, so everything attaches from this point. We install a special aluminium extrusion that hold the two boards rigid when the tent is rigged. (We don’t want our customers getting pinched when they move around the tent!)

A 3mm stainless steel hinge connects the two baseboards and links the baseboard to the frame and offers strength to the complete tent.

Please note that we have started using a longer hinge bracket a few years ago and this means that more gear can be left inside the tent. These brackets can be retro fitted to any tent. If you're interested in reto fitting these to your tent, please contact us.

Hannibal tent hinges
hannibal tent alloy extrusion

Now we install LED lighting if required. A webbing strap runs front to rear on the tent to pull the frame into position under the canvas when the tent is deployed. One of the unique things that Hannibal roof top tents have is a gusset to offer rigidity to the frame in harsh weather events. Check the photo of the completed frame before the canvas goes on. The 380GSM ripstop Australian made Dynaproofed canvas from Wax Convert Textiles is then attached to the board by using stainless steel staples.
This canvas is something else! I quite often use the example of buying the stock V8 Commodore or the HRT V8 Commodore. They both work, but one has superior performance. I don’t care what the others say this WCT canvas is one huge reason why Hannibal tents work. I can assure you that there are a number of businesses selling tents that lie about their canvas specification. A number of the cheaper tents use heavily coated polyurethane fabric that makes them waterproof. These types of fabrics retain the moisture which can cause other issues.
There is even a video out there where they tell you how great their impregnated canvas is and then at around minute 9 in the video they talk about a vinyl strip that is supplied to prevent the mattress from getting wet! Doesn't sound to waterproof to me!

I don’t care what the others say. this WCT canvas is one huge reason why Hannibal tents work!

hannibal tent lighting
hannibal tent frame

The dynaproofed canvas has a 15 year service life with regular use. I have customers going back to when I started in 2004/5 who are still using their tents today. Simon and his wife, Jodi, from the Sunny Coast is one couple still using their original Hannibal roof top tent today. We use their testimonial in our brochure.

The WCT canvas has a fluro carbon coating for water resistance, UV stabilisers are used as well as rot and mildew inhibitors. Natural colour pigments are used to colour the canvas.
That last comment is really important. If people knew what chemicals can be used in the production of canvas I’m sure they would have a different feeling towards a lot of the imported ones. One of the chemicals is formaldehyde. WCT assure me that we can also say that the Dynaproofed canvas is a formaldehyde free canvas. If you haven’t heard about formaldehyde until now, educate yourself and google it. So what does this mean??? I remember the old canvas tents we used in my old boy scout days many years ago. If you touched the canvas when it rained the water would bleed through. WCT’s Dynaproofed canvas doesn’t have this problem. WCT use a clever process to impregnate the canvas with the waterproofing solution to make it waterproof yet still offer breathability to manage condensation inside the tent.

dynaproofed logo

In part 3 of the Hannibal tent manufacturing, we're going to look at where the canvas comes from.

Want to learn more about our manufacturing process?

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