Don’t Get Caught by Cheap Knock-Offs

At Hannibal Safari Equipment, we manufacture tents to the highest possible specifications, using only the best materials. Unfortunately, many of our competitors can’t honestly say the same. Here’s some tips to avoid getting caught by a poor quality product.

1. Check the specifications

Many tent brands claim material specifications that are inaccurate; for example, one major brand claims to use 600 gsm canvas (grams per square metre), but their fabric is obviously much lighter weight than our genuine Australian made 380 gsm canvas. Make sure you do your research. If you want, we can send a sample of the material we use – just contact us.

2. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet

Some businesses claim to manufacture their tents in countries such as South Africa or Australia, but in reality their products are manufactured in China. The simple fact is that any roof top tent in the market under $2,000 will be an inferior quality copy made in China or similar location. We are proud to say that our tents are not manufactured in China, and the evidence is clear for anyone to see simply by visiting our workshop located in Brisbane.

3. Cheap tents = wet interior

Our tents will last far longer and stand up to much heavier use than cheaper alternatives, but that’s not the only reason to buy Hannibal quality. Cheap knock off tents also regularly encounter moisture issues during use, because they use inferior fabrics which are heavily coated with polyurethane. This means they won’t leak, but they also won’t breathe either, meaning condensation builds up inside and soon makes everything wet. Hannibal Safari tents use genuine Dynaproofed canvas which is both waterproof and breathable. Cheap tents also generally use a seam sealing tape, which often suffers the problem of delamination, meaning the tape will gradually degrade over time allowing water ingress in wet weather.

4. A Hannibal Tent means a good night’s sleep

Hannibal Safari tents use a 75mm Dunlop foam mattress. The mattress is retained by a one-piece cover with 2 compartments so that the foam is not distorted by being folded when closed. The Dunlop foam will also maintain it density longer; we have a number of Hannibal users that have spent over a thousand nights in the tent. Our high-quality canvas is also much better at blocking out the morning sun. It also prevents silhouetting of occupants if there’s a light on inside the tent at night… enough said!

5. Aussie made and Aussie materials means genuine local repairs

Because we make our own tents from locally-sourced materials, we can also repair tents and procure genuine parts locally, adding to the longevity of your tent and saving you money in the long run. Browse our tent range »