How is it made?

Australian Made Roof Top Tents are hard to come by.

Here's how we manufacture our tents. (Part 4 of 5)

Are Hannibal Safari roof top tents made in Australia?

Yep, they sure are! Our canvas fold out tents are made to the highest specification. 

That’s why we get to proudly share this little logo.

How we make a HannibalRoof Top Tent Part 4 of 5

Once the canvas is attached to the baseboard, our team installs the bungee cords inside the tent. These bungee cords pull the walls in as the tent closes down so you don't need to tuck them in.

Ally angle is used as trim around the baseboard and these are screwed into position and ferrules are fitted into the baseboard. The ferrule tubes locate the spring steels that support the flysheet and window hoods.
The PVC transit cover is then installed. The transit cover is made with Australian made vinyl and it is a cover that is high frequency welded and sewn to prevent water and dust ingress. A Bondex zip is sewn into the cover and runs around 3 sides of the tent. By the way if you want a fully removable cover all you need to do is ask for it when you order. Although I will say in most cases you will have a much cleaner experience when opening and closing the tent if it is attached.

Hannibal roof top tent bungee cord

if you want a fully removable cover all you need to do is ask for it when you order.

The next step has the mounting extrusion can be installed on the baseboard of the tent in a east/west or north/south orientation. This will be determined by the end users installation requirement.

The mounting extrusion has a bolt guide that runs full length of the plank. The bolt guide will hold the head of an 8mm bolt captive. It is a strong method of attachment to roof racks or roof bars.

The top section of the ladder is then attached. 

An additional ridge pole is located above the apex point of the tent. The flysheet is supported off the tent with this pole. This is very important as it ensures an air gap between the tent and the flysheet.

This air gap insulates the tent body on a hot day or on a cold night. it also assist in the management of condensation.

The Ball joint mounting hardware for the spreader bar is left until the day of installation of the tent.

hannibal tent ridge pole

One unique feature of the Hannibal tent is our reverse opening door. This is the doorway opposite the ladder end. This great feature ensures excellent ventilation on those hot nights when its raining.

There is no need to remove flysheets just zip the door to the required level and enjoy. The reverse door offers more privacy as well to occupants inside the tent.

One of the last items inside the tent that is installed is the Dunlop Ultra Fresh foam. Which is covered by the very unique cover.

A Hannibal cover is a single piece cover with two compartments. The mattress will spend most of its life folded and the Hannibal is set up so it will do this without allowing distortion to the foam. 

In our final installment, part 5, of the Hannibal tent manufacturing, we're going show you our finishing touches that we complete before installation.

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